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The Municipality of Lousada is an institution of local public administration. It aims to pursuit the interests of the population in the territorial space of Lousada Council. The city assumes itself as the center of the region denominated Vale do Sousa since it is situated in its geographic center. It has approximately 50.000 inhabitants that are distributed within the 25 parishes of Lousada.

The Municipality mission is to define guiding strategies and execute the resulting municipal policies towards sustainable development of the municipality, contributing to the increased competitiveness of it, in local, regional and national levels, through measures and programs in various areas of their competence, promoting the quality of life of its citizens and ensuring high standards of quality services.

In performing its functions and duties, municipal services should pursue the following objectives: a)Conducting a full and objective way of projects, actions and activities defined by municipal bodies, namely those consisting in investment plans and activity plans;
b)Achieving high rates of improvement in the delivery of services to the population, responding promptly to their needs and aspirations;
c)Modernization of technical services, accelerating the processes of decision making;
d)Dignifying and professional development of municipal workers, and their accountability.

In the sports area, the Municipality of Lousada seeks to respond the following requirements:
- Coordinate and develop sporting activities in the Municipality, promoting the participation of associations, organizations and local communities;
- Support sports activities in various competitive levels, developed by official and private entities towards generalization of the sport;
- Organize, coordinate and ensure the success of sporting events regularly promoted by the municipality;
- Develop and update the Municipal Sports Letter;
- Ensure coordination of the group of technicians that perform the functions of curriculum enrichment activities in the area of sport and physical activity;
- Manage and ensure the maintenance of sports facilities in the municipality , as well as promote its use by the population and under collaboration agreements with other sports institutions;
- Ensure the construction, preservation, maintenance and management of sports facilities in the municipality;
- Propose measures to promote and foster the sport in sporting activities;
- Encourage and support sports associations;
- To propose actions aimed nonviolent behavior and sportsmanship in competition venues of the municipality.


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