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a non-profit private institute, established in 2005. Our vision is to create inovative sollutions for equall opportunities for all residents of Pomurje region with the goal to strengthen health and reduce health inequalities.
We are collaborating centre of World Health Organisation for intersectoral approaches for health and development since october 2014. For more than ten years we connect and coordinate the work of Regional action group Mura, which connects more that 40 institutions with more than 100 experts in different fields. With them we are able to detect different needs in the region and then include them in promotion of health, rural development, nature protection and education (from an early age to lifelong learning).

At present Centre employs five experts working in the fields of social determinants of health and health inequalities, sustainable tourism development, social marketing and rural development, healthy and active ageing, physical activity and active mobility, project management, and more.
In twelve years of work we were a lead partner or a partner in over 40 international projects and we cooperated in more than 500 different projects on international, national, regional or local level.


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